Why Join BPA?

Top ELEVEN Reasons to Join Hastings BPA:

  1. Belong: Come to a place where you truly belong

  2. Certification Tests: Advance your career with certification tests, usually available at the national conference

  3. Compete: Compete in something your passionate about

  4. Experience: Gain real life experience in the field in which can prepare you for life

  5. Growth: Experience personal and professional growth

  6. Hang Out: You get to hang out with Mr. and Mrs. Carl

  7. Leadership Experience: Run for a chapter, state, and even a national officer

  8. Make a Difference: Participate in community service projects and make a difference

  9. Network: Meet people from across the state and nation who share similar interests as you

  10. Real Life Skills: Gain real life practice in the field in what can prepare you for life

  11. Scholarships: Qualify for scholarships and other merit based awards